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Microservices Development

Agile, scalable, and secure software delivery cycles

Businesses are increasingly taking advantage of microservices to modernize and scale their applications and software. The result: faster software delivery cycles and enhanced business agility. Learn how we did it with Wilson Parking, one of the largest car park management companies.
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Microservices Consultation and Development

New to microservices? We work with startups and corporations in figuring out the best way to architect a new microservices-based back end or migrating from your old monolithic back end.

We are experienced with various back-end technologies, such as NodeJS, Python, Go, .NET Core, and Scala, among others. We can help you implement scalable and high-performance microservices — from designing APIs to applying circuit breaker patterns.

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Security and Privacy by Design

Authgear is our auth-as-a-service solution for web and mobile apps. Authgear helps create a unified authentication experience across multiple platforms and speed up development without compromising security.

Authgear ensures authentication is correctly implemented, from picking the most resilient password hashing algorithms to integrating two-factor authentication (2FA). We provide end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for storing personal data and complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Cloud Native and CI/CD Automation

Oursky is an expert in cloud-native app development. Our experience with Docker and Kubernetes can help you develop platforms that can scale with your businesses.

We also build a complete continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline for every project. Everything is automated — from code repository, running our own DevSecOps, code lint in CI, and Docker Registry to rolling deployment. Developer productivity and quick iterations are essential in adopting an agile methodology.

Using microservices improves the scalability and resilience of your applications. It also enables the development teams of enterprises to work together more easily, whether they’re internal teams or third-party vendors, as each microservices is loosely coupled. Communication between services is done over well-defined APIs.

Technologies We Use

Oursky helps you modernize your apps and infrastructures.

We build and manage API platforms to ensure the security and reliability needed to run a microservices-based architecture.

We optimize startup and deployment at minimal cost by freeing developers from the need to set up and maintain infrastructure.
Oursky can help automate Docker and K8s pipelines, define a microservice architecture, and provide authentication mechanisms.
Oursky’s team can expertly use K8s-based serverless platforms to help accelerate transition to containers and microservices.
We can also build and manage API platforms to ensure security and reliability needed to run a microservices-based architecture.
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Exploring cloud-native app development?

Microservices and containers are indispensable elements in cloud-native app development. Our whitepaper, “ Microservices: Deconstructing the Monolith Without Breaking the Development Team Apart, “ provides a rundown on how businesses can streamline their transition into microservices, containers, and serverless platforms.

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