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Digital Product Development

Great digital products are more than just software.

Oursky’s team has refined its digital product development process through decades of hands-on experience. We can help you validate your ideas and build digital products that alleviate your business’ pain points and deliver exceptional customer experience.

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Cross-Platform Software

Users want services to be delivered in every platform. Oursky can help you create digital products across multiple devices, OSs, and form factors — whether to the web, iOS, Android, desktop, or any (or all) of their combinations.

Cloud-Native Agile Team

Oursky's development team are cloud natives and experts at containerization, microservices, AI, and machine learning. Our engineers are dedicated to each project and devote all their time during the development period.

Our Process

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We have over 12 years of experience in agile software development, enabling us to design, build, and deliver projects on time. Oursky empowers you with the flexibility to reprioritize user stories and recalibrate resources according to real user feedback.

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We don’t just work with a list of cold requirements. We help at every step — from user stories, wireframes, and user flows to mockups. Our process is deeply ingrained in user journeys to ensure an immersive customer experience.

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Lean and Iterative

Oursky embraces iteration. We work on features that are most relevant to users. Our iterative process means understanding and validating your ideas, reducing unnecessary barriers, then quickly delivering the most valuable features without overspending resources.


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Apple’s Best of Year App Store awards

Together, we can create an amazing digital product!

Digital Product
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Business Development
Feature Requests
Product Design

Why Oursky?


We have the best developers in town!

Every year, we only hire one to two developers out of 300 applicants. Our developers write every line of code with quality and maintainability in mind. We encourage our developers to experiment with new tools and technologies and share their expertise to fellow Ourskyers through regular sharing sessions, workshops, and the Oursky code blog.

UI/UX Design

We deliver great user experience.

User experience (UX) is the soul of your app — but to have great UX, you first need a great design. Our designers adopt user-centric principles and factor in technical considerations (and limitations) when designing the UI/UX to ensure it’ll work on the devices you created it for. A great UI design also helps you to visualize your idea before development begins.

Project Management

Our professional team got your back!

Oursky’s project managers and product owners are more than just a contact point between you and Oursky. They don’t just manage timetables — they will guide you throughout the software development life cycle. They will help you identify the right user personas, plan a project roadmap, and strike the balance between user experience, technical feasibility, time, and costs.

Quality Assurance (QA)

We ensure only quality software.

Oursky's QA team plays a vital role in ensuring the quality of your digital product. Led by our QA managers, we have over 50 crowdsourced testers who readily conduct exploratory or scripted tests whenever a new test build is out. We make sure that our engineering culture and excellence are built into every digital product we create.


Some of Our Areas of Tech Expertise

IoT Development

Most connected hardware and internet-of-things (IoT) products communicate with mobile devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ultrasound. Our team has the experience and expertise in integrating these protocols in applications. Learn how we worked with a tech-driven startup in making a cooking thermometer connected — and smarter.

Security with DevOps

Our DevSecOps philosophy allows us to bake security early into the development life cycle. Our digital products comply with the standards of the EU General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), and Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS), among others. See how we did it with HL Insurance.

Payment Gateways

The payment feature is the cornerstone of online commerce. We have solid experience in designing user-friendly checkout flows and integrating major payment gateways. Read our case study on a project we worked on for the largest car park management company in Hong Kong where we integrated over eight payment gateways.

AI and Machine Learning

We develop and apply various custom machine learning (ML) models to solve business problems. Our artificial intelligence (AI) and ML-based solutions include data-driven predictions and forecasts, image and object recognition and processing, recommendation engines, and digital transformation, among others. Learn more about Oursky’s AI-powered solutions at