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Web Application Development

Custom, end-to-end web application development

Oursky transforms ideas into solutions that power workflows and business goals.

Responsive Web-based Application

We use the latest JavaScript libraries (e.g., React, Vue, Svelte, etc.) to rapidly develop responsive desktop and mobile web-based applications with minimal load time and latency for users.

Progressive Web App (PWA) Development

PWAs bring the mobile app experience to web-based applications. We have solid experience in designing and implementing features in PWAs, such as offline mode, splash screen, and web-based push notifications.


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How we do it

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Your users see and experience your app’s interface, not the codes. Our design philosophy uses an iterative approach to translating your ideas into engaging user stories, flows, wireframes, mockups, and prototypes.

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Agile Development

Our approach enables you to flexibly and iteratively adjust plans and resources based on real user feedback. With over a decade of experience in agile development methodologies, Oursky is with you at every step — from concept to launch.

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SEO and Web Performance

Search engine optimization (SEO) and web performance (the speed with which your content is delivered to the user) are important for your project’s discoverability in search engines. We help complete your SEO checklist and ensure that your web app is up to speed by the time of launch.

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Cloud-Native Support

We have over a decade of experience in cloud-native app development and are experts at navigating major cloud platforms, including AWS, Google, and Azure Cloud. We can also help you adopt and transition to the latest technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes. More about our tech stack.

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